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New Arrivals

Fall - Navy/White/Pink Floral w/Scarf

Size Guide


Most of our outfits are a 97% Cotton with 3% Spandex blend. It is The fabric is very comfortable and soft and has a little give.  Customers compliment us about the quality of our outfits.   A few outfits are 100% cotton.

Below is our size chart that represent 90% of our outfits.   Since there are so many different styles and designs a standard size chart wouldn't work for a tunic styled outfit AND an outfit with a more fitted shirt. We will try our best to post measurements with individual outfits when it's provided to us.. 

Most of our customers find that the outfits Run True to Size.



XXS- 12-18M

XS- 18-24M

S- 2/3

M- 3/4

L- 4/5

XL- 5/6

XXL- 6/7

XXXL- 7/8